New school year 2018
Meet UPEL Team on 20th September

September News

Building works over the summer

The school has undertaken several renovation work projects during the
summer break for a total amount of approximately €236.000.-
The following was done:

  • Exchange of 30 radiators and isolation of their niches. The other 46
    radiators are located in classrooms which do not get very cold in winter.
    These will however also be replaced soon.
  • Full renovation of the Secretariat of the Lycée Principal.
  • Exchange of parts of the floor in the school kitchen.
  • Renovation of two science labs.

Certificate for the internship (Seconde)

Upon request by the UPEL, the vice-principal announced that every pupil who
completed his/her internship in the Seconde, would receive a certificate of
participation without any grade during the following school year. The pupils
can then include the certificate in their Resumé.



The pupils that are taking Latin classes will receive a certificate equal to the
legally accepted “Latinum” should they end the year with a passing grade in the
class of Seconde in Latin. This certificate enables them to pursue academic
studies which require the obtention of the “Latinum” after the baccalauréat.
The certificate will be handed out only after the baccalauréat with all other
documents. This also applies to the pupils who stop taking Latin classes after
the Seconde.