By joining UPEL, you actively support activities that improve the life and education of your children at the Lycée Français in Vienna. You have direct access to current information about the institution.

In addition, you are mandating a group of informed parents to actively represent you inside the Lycée through the working groups (citizenship, living together, tuition fees, language learning, etc.) and bodies such as the Conseil d Establishment (CE), School Council, etc., outside the Lycée, as at the Local Commission of Stock Exchanges. The list of working groups is not exhaustive and evolves according to the needs communicated by the families.

May apply to become a member of the association any moral or physical parent of a pupil of the Lycée Français de Vienne. Membership is valid for the current school year and to be renewed at the start of each school year. Membership automatically ends when the family has no more children attending the Lycée Français in Vienna.

It’s only 25 € for the year, but it’s an important support for the association.

Membership can be done online, on this page.

There will be days at the beginning of September when UPEL will be present to meet the parents.