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Meeting with Coronavirus Monitoring Committee 10 March 2020

Meeting with Coronavirus Monitoring Committee on 10th March 2020

Dear Parents,

The school regularly informs us about the development of the health situation due to COVID-19. It is in this context that an information meeting took place yesterday Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 5 p.m. with the Coronavirus Monitoring Committee (High School Management and Diplomatic Post) and the representatives of the parents-teachers associations UPEL and APE.

You will therefore find below a report as detailed as possible of this meeting as well as answers to the multiple questions that we have received and relayed on your behalf.

If you have any other questions, please send to for the next information meeting.


The school, within the Monitoring Committee, is working on the evaluation of the continuation of the school closing measure and Ms. Rapp will continue to regularly inform the families, especially focussing on the educational measures in place.

General points in introduction:

1) Several schools of the AEFE network are now closed all over the world, it’s a general movement. We are far from an exceptional measure taken in Austria.

2) The committee also follows the decisions communicated by the Austrian authorities:

AGES – Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety

Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection


World Health Organization (WHO):

3) La direction veille à bien communiquer avec les parents d’élèves sur les mesures prises sur la continuité pédagogique avec les professeurs en contact constant avec les élèves.

Topics covered :

  • Canteen fees. The school is considering a financial discount.
  • The request of the monitoring committee towards the Austrian authorities to inform about any other tested cases, regardless of the classes or level by 17 March.
  • The local sanitary authorities of MA 15 will contact the families concerned to remind them of the confinement obligations.
  • The closing measure is a measure against the spread of the virus and not a containment measure.
  • The parents-teachers’ associations are invited to group the parents’ questions and concerns and bring them to the attention of the monitoring committee. The monitoring committee will meet again in the presence of the parents should they deem necessary.


Questions asked by the parents representing UPEL, with the answers from the school administration:

  1. What happens if a teacher is sick (not Corona). Since he is on sick leave, can he assure pedagogical continuity or is he replaced virtually by another teacher? This is currently the case for the 6th grade French teacher.

Question which is settled on a case by case basis. Please write an email to the administration.

  1. On Pronote we can still see the dates of the conseils de classe.

Mr. Bender explains that the information is frozen. Information on class councils has been sent to Pronote.

  1. Is there also continuity of teaching in German / English (primary school)? Some primary school classes have not yet received a lot of homework.

Ms. Morvan replied that she had already received this question and replied to the parents concerned. In general, all of this is very new and is taking place, so we have to wait a bit.

(As of Wednesday March 11th, English homework was sent. This is also in place for the homework of the main teacher for some classes).

  1. What types of control measures will be put in place when the Lycée opens again?
    If nothing is planned, there is a great risk that the school must close after a few days.

The embassy and the school are very involved in these measures and everything is carefully thought out.

The monitoring committee is contacting the Austrian authorities to make an image for March 17 to see if there are other cases and to prepare based on the information obtained.

  1. Could you tell us why the Lycée does not give the CNED access codes to the parents, as is the case for AEFE schools closed due to the Coronavirus in France or abroad. At least for 1ère and terminale students.

Mr. Bender has exchanged with parents concerned. It is the teacher’s choice whether or not to use this tool. But parents are free to register to accompany their children with this tool should they wish to.

  1. General examinations for outstanding students: do they take place, are they postponed, canceled?

Mr. Bender has exchanged with the families involved.

  1. Correspondence varies between teachers, is there a general approach?

In general, all of this is very new and is taking place, so we have to wait a bit.

  1. Reimbursement of the canteen and the shuttle (navette)

For the canteen, yes – see above. For the shuttle, contact the APE.

  1. Did the Austrian authorities request the closure of the LFV

Ms. Rapp received two calls from health officials Friday, March 6. The first call was made at 11:51 am to inform him that two children from the same family were being held in confinement.

At 12.05 p.m., a second call from the health authorities confirmed the positive results of COViD-19.

So the school was not informed until Friday noon.

Following a call from the health authorities, Mrs Rapp took the decision, in consultation with the Austrian authorities, to close the entire lycée.

  1. Is it possible to obtain an official certificate from the Austrian authorities (so as not to use their vacation days) for the closing of the LFV so that you can take care of your children.

Ms. Morvan prepared with Ms. Rapp an explanatory email for the requesting families. This email was sent to a few requesting families but those sent so far went unanswered.

  1. Austria will close the schools in a next step (not today) is it conceivable that the school will extend its closure?

It depends on the results of the tests and the situation being very evolving, we cannot say. Mr. Wielander (German coordinator for the Bildungsdirektion) explained that if the Austrian authorities decide to close the establishments, the school will have to follow this directive.


What to do if in doubt? The advice given is as follows:

Call the health hotline 1450 (German and English).

For general care, consult an emergency care clinic or go to the emergency department of one of the Austrian general hospitals.

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